Knockout Case Study – Gifts 4 You

We wanted to 'soft launch' Knockout, so trialled this on another site owned by Hit Social Media - Gifts 4 You.

The social accounts for the site were very much under-used and needed some attention. We gave away a professional ROKIT nail kit (worth £69.99).

Before Knockout -

Facebook page - 46 likes
Twitter account - 2 followers
Google Plus page - 1 follower

As you can see, we had to do something to boost the followings (we deliberately kept Gifts 4 You off the Social radar as we wanted to use it as a Knockout example)....

The results are IN!!!!

We ran the giveaway on the Knockout site and used the Gifts 4 You Facebook page as the main source for publishing the link to enter

The social accounts we selected all saw an increase in followings, the extra numbers are detailed below. When you consider the value of the prize, the return is fantastic.

After Knockout -

Facebook page - 707 likes
Twitter account - 124 followers
Google Plus page - 54 followers

We also wanted to send some social love to the Homedics Facebook page and Twitter account (the brand behind ROKIT). We added an extra 199 Facebook fans and 55 Twitter followers, by asking users to follow as part of the extra entries.

Facebook - 707 page like INCREASE

Twitter - 124 followers INCREASE

Google Plus - 54 followers INCREASE

A FURTHER 199 Facebook fans and 55 Twitter followers