Run a Knockout Competition

Want to run your own Knockout Competition?

Want an increased Social Following?

If you are reading this, we are guessing you do. Knockout can help you achieve this. The Knockout team can add your Social Promotion / Giveaway and supply you a link to draw people to the page. Once the competition is live, you can start to tell your existing followers about it and get them to perform many actions.
These could be -
  • Like a page in Facebook
  • Like ANOTHER page on Facebook
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow ANOTHER account on Twitter
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Follow on Google Plus
  • Follow on Instagram
  • Visit a Website
In fact, you can ask a user to do pretty much anything - just talk to us and we will let you know if it is possible. As well as the above actions, Knockout will collect the email addresses of all users.
We can also promote the competition using our extensive network of online resources and contacts. You should try it, it's well worth the return!

Want us to promote your competition for you? We can!

We offer an amazing promotional service for all Knockout Competitions, if required.

Be featured on a leading competition website as well as extended coverage on the main competition resources online.

This will ensure a huge audience will see your competition and will give your brand the exposure it needs for the competition to be a true success.

Our service costs just £99.95 and that includes the initial Knockout fee too!

Choose the best package for your business


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of all pins posted on Pinterest are by women


of Twitter users tweet at least once a day


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